San Diego - A Truly Special Place to Visit

San Diego

San Diego is an immensely exciting place to visit, considering its vantage location on the Pacific coast and its size as the eight largest city in the United States. This, the second largest city in California, is located right next to the Mexican border. This historic city was also the first European settlement in California. As a matter of fact, it only became a part of the United States of America after the Americans won the Mexican-American War in 1850.

The city of San Diego is economically a powerhouse and it is home to many industries, predominantly manufacturing, defence and biotechnology. It also has a very large U.S. Navy presence thanks to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Many industries here have had to deal with reduced demand for armaments by focusing on scientific and medical research.

This place is also very popular with tourists, not just from the United States but also from other parts of the world. It has a fantastic zoo and a museum. This city is also home to a Mardi Gras. Visitors to this city also enjoy experience the art and culture of this place, especially when they go to the Gaslamp Quarter. Its history also ensures that there are many fascinating monuments to see here. The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park located at the bottom of Presidio Hill is a great place to visit.

The city of San Diego has a very unusual look because of its unique geography. This city lies on various canyons and hills, the canyons are fairly deep and are relatively untouched by development. As a result, the city is spread over many separate areas each of which has a very different look and feel. There are more than 100 different neighborhoods in this city. The city is further segmented thanks to the San Diego River which runs all the way through it.

One more great thing about San Diego is its climate, generally termed as Arid Mediterranean. This city is warm in the summer and has relatively mild winters. It does not rain too much here, and most of the rain occurs between the months of December and March. Interestingly however, the climate varies tremendously from one locality to the other because of the many hills and canyons that the city is spread over. It hardly ever snows over here.

San Diego is a very dynamic city that is currently in the process of building itself up from a period of stagnation. Steps are currently in place to provide lots of employment opportunities to people whilst improving the various facilities and infrastructure available to them. Efforts are also being taken to revitalize the economy without ruining the environment of the area. It is therefore no surprise that this beautiful and vibrant city is a wonderful place to visit for a vacation or to set up a business in. Lots of people are doing it, and by the looks of things many more are going to do so. - copyright 2005-2014 - The Jewell City in California- Visit California