La Jolla - Offering the Perfect Californian Experience

La Jolla

No trip to California is complete without a visit to its 'Jewel City', La Jolla. This lovely little community is located outside San Diego and it occupies prime coastline as well as mountainous areas. What is really interesting about this beautiful place is that it packs a fascinating array of things to do and see within a relatively small area. This sea-side community occupies no more than 7 miles of Pacific coastline but it is a must on any tourist itinerary that includes San Diego.

To refer to La Jolla as merely picturesque is to not do sufficient justice to it. It is surrounded by spectacular ocean bluffs on both sides, enabling one to enjoy natural beauty in its most majestic form. It is no surprise that this place is very affluent and commands some of the highest real estate prices in the United States. All this wealth ensures that there is plenty to do in this place because the shopping and dining options are truly world class. The natural beauty of the place also inspires many artists to work here and there is a very bustling art scene in La Jolla. In fact, the Museum of Contemporary Art that is located here manages to draw in quite a few visitors on account of the fascinating works of art it contains. There are many more art galleries in this place, giving it a very interesting vibe.

La Jolla is as popular with local wildlife as it is with human beings! There is a flourishing colony of seals in the waters off this place and you are likely to see them if you go down to the waters. You will also see lots of pelicans near the sandstone cliffs that surround the place. Scripp's Park is exceptionally beautiful and it is a place where families can enjoy the beauty of nature. The beach is hugely popular with sun worshippers and water lovers. There is also a nudist beach nearby should you wish to go to one.

You'll find plenty of restaurants here and will be able to dine in style on typically Californian fare with one of the best Californnian wines. You will also find amazingly good restaurants serving Asian, European or Mexican fare. People prefer an outdoor dining experience here because of the wonderful atmosphere and the excellent weather. You'll find most of these restaurants in the Village of La Jolla and Bird Rock. You will also find lots of shops here selling high quality clothes, accessories and furniture.

The compact nature of La Jolla ensures that it is very easy to get around this place and that too on foot. In fact, it is best that you leave your car behind because you might not be able to find sufficient parking during the peak tourist season in the summer. Since it is located on the outskirts of San Diego, you won't need more than 15 minutes to reach here from San Diego. Make sure that you visit this lovely little place because it offers you the best of all that California has. - copyright 2005-2020 - The Jewell City in California- Visit California